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This small and simple eatery specializes in Singaporean and Malaysian food and, as its name denotes, Satays are the main fare.
This food-court outlet serves fantastic Japanese style fried dishes: Oysters, Shrimps, Pork chops, vegetarian sets and the likes...
This rather simple eatery serves excellent Pekinese dishes at a very affordable price: Noodles, dumplings and other fare... all delicious
This well-known institution has been serving some fabulous congees, noodles and dumplings for the last 40 years or so.
This lovely restaurant serves some of the best noodle dishes around Yau ma Tei. Shrimp wonton noodles is the signature dish...
This in one of Hong Kong's best and most popular places for genuine Chinese herbal tea.
This restaurant serves some excellent Nepalese favorites, with emphasize on vegetarian dishes and curries.
Walking into this traditional Hong Kong café is just like traveling back in time... This culinary institution has changed very little (if at all) since it first opened its doors, almost sixty years ago... Even the old cash till is still there...
Good old Tak Yu is probably one of Hong Kong's oldest existing restaurants... It first opened its doors sometime in the 1920s and after almost 100 years of operation, it's still alive and kicking...
Despite of its location, in notorious Chunking Mansions, Everest Club is actually a fairly pleasant restaurant, serving some truly scrumptious Indian fare...
This eatery serves some of the best dim sums and dumplings on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, in a bright and modern environment and at very moderate prices.