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Hong Kong - Mong Kok - Authentic eateries

This lovely restaurant is a paradise for curry lovers, serving a wide selection of scrumptious curries from different Asian cuisines...
As its name denotes, Satays are the specialty of this place. There is a relatively good selection of seafood dishes and the prices are quite fair...
This simple eatery has been serving delicious congees and noodles for the last God knows how many years... Their Wonton noodles are considered among the best in Hong Kong.
As the name suggests, delicious Beef Ball noodle soup is the main thing here, and it comes in a meaty broth with luscious, springy noodles...
Good old Tak Yu is probably one of Hong Kong's oldest existing restaurants... It first opened its doors sometime in the 1920s and after almost 100 years of operation, it's still alive and kicking...
This lovely restaurant specializes in Balinese and Indonesian cuisine. Simple, 1960s style design, nice ambience and hearty portions of delicious Indonesian food, including their splendid Nasi Goreng and curries.
Praised as the world's cheapest one-Michelin-star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan is certainly one of the best places in Hong Kong to enjoy sensationally tasty dim sum at unbelievably affordable prices.