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Dan Ryan's serves American cuisine at its best. The menu warns you : 'we serve American size portions' and they are serious about it... Large portions of juicy, delicious, cholesterol rich American food...
Taste of India is a small restaurant that serves some excellent north Indian cuisine in a nice environment... Makes a good lunch break for those who visit the 'Kowloon walled-city park'
Amaroni's serves hearty portions of delicious, flavorful Italian-American food in a nice environment...
Great selection of Chiu Chow dishes and desserts at an affordable price (you are not likely to spend more than HK$ 25-50)
This small and relatively unpretentious restaurant serves some lovely Sushi and Sashimi, alongside a good selection of Ramen specialties, scrumptious Japanese-style curries and other Japanese delicacies, at very reasonable prices...
This extremely popular eatery serves some of the best noodle dishes around Kowloon city. As expected, prices are quite low.
More than a hundred types of mouthwatering desserts, Chinese and western... excellent Mango pancakes and sherbets
This small and simple restaurant is serving some fabulous traditional Vietnamese dishes and, as expected, most of their dishes are flavorful and even spicy...
In spite of its unpretentious look, this small and simple eatery serves some delicious Chiu Chow cuisine... at very reasonable prices.
Jasmine serves excellent Chinese cuisine with a modern touch: The chef prepares a variety of familiar Chinese dishes to which he adds his own innovations and improvements, and the results are fabulous.
This small shop specializes in traditional Chinese soups and herbal tea. Other than the lovely soups and tea, it is also a good place to buy Chinese herbal medicines.
This small and lovely restaurant serves some of the best Thai cuisine in Kowloon city. They import all their ingredients from Thailand and the results are superb. Pleasant ambience, friendly service and a menu that features more than a hundred different dishes to suit every palate
This small and cozy restaurant serves exceptionally good food and is very popular among locals (including some famous chaps who frequently come here). 'Roasted Spring Pigeon' and 'Sauteed pig entrails' are two of the must-trys...
Wong Chun Chun is, probably, among the best Thai restaurants in Hong Kong. The spacious and comfortable dinning room is beautifully designed in an elegant style that combines modernity with traditional Thai motifs. Service is friendly and attentive and the extensive menu features dozens of scrumptious Thai specialties.
Golden Orchid is not a big restaurant, but the ambience is pleasant, the service is good and friendly and the food is simply superb (and it comes in generous portions)... Seafood Curry, served in a hollowed pumpkin is the signature dish
Another excellent Thai restaurant with lovely, traditional food, good service and very reasonable prices
This small restaurant serves excellent hotpot dishes in a nice environment.