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Hong Kong - Central - Luxurious & Prestigious

Headed by Dutch chef Richard Ekkebus, this remarkable two Michelin stars restaurant serves the best of the best of modern French cuisine in an elegant and somewhat romantic ambience.
Headed by Chef Nelson Chui, who combines his Hong Kong roots and French-Italian culinary education, Harlan's is one of Hong Kong's most popular prestigious restaurants...
This splendid restaurant specializes in contemporary Cantonese cuisine with an emphasize on fresh seafood. The place is beautifully designed in an elegant-modern style, combining western elements with Chinese motifs and arts. Big windows offer adorable harbor views and atmosphere is refined and elegant.
This sumptuous restaurant specializes in traditional Cantonese cuisine with a contemporary touch, and is one of the only Michelin three-star Chinese restaurants on earth.
This well-known culinary institution serves familiar international specialties in an elegant and refined environment...
Located within the sumptuous Four Seasons hotel, this prestigious restaurant offers an unbeatable combination of beautiful design, gorgeous harbor views, lovely atmosphere and, above all, Superb French cuisine with a lighter touch...
As its name suggests, this excellent restaurant specializes in seafood... a wide selection of fresh, top quality seafood, alongside a variety of salads, pastas and meat dishes...
Grissini is one of Hong Kong's finest Italian restaurants. Elegant, classic-contemporary design with opulent wood and floor to ceiling windows that offer fantastic, panoramic views to the harbor.
Specializing in traditional, North-Italian cuisine, luxurious Nicholini's is one of Hong Kong's best Italian restaurants...
Fantastic Italian restaurant with classic design that resembles Fellini's time Italy. The atmosphere is romantic and you can dine inside or 'alfresco'...
As its name denotes, this up class restaurant emphasizes on the use of top quality imported wagyu beef from Australia, although the extensive menu has plenty to offer to non-beefeaters... (Including a special breakfast menu for early risers)
This tiny private-kitchen restaurant serves some of the best traditional Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong.
Yung Kee is an extremely popular, renowned and prized Cantonese restaurant, which serves the best Roast Goose in Hong Kong, if not in the whole world... Other than the famous goose, they serve a wide variety of splendid Cantonese cuisine
Just like in any of Joel Robuchon's dining shrines, the contemporary French fare at this 2-Michelin Star Hong Kong restaurant is a true feast for the taste buds. Nestled within the glitzy "Landmark" in Central, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon features a unique concept of seating around the open kitchen and watching the chefs in action.