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Hong Kong - Central - Cantonese

This well-known establishment is, probably, one of Hong Kong's best teahouses, serving a rich selection of delicious dim sum, alongside superb Chinese tea...
If you feel like a true, authentic Hong Kong style 'yum cha' experience than the good-old Lin Heung is a good choice... Do not expect to find elegance or romantic ambience here... It is just a simple place that has been serving scrumptious Dim sums and excellent Cantonese cuisine for years, at very good prices...
This simple Cantonese restaurant makes some of the best Won-ton in Hong Kong. Their food is great and the prices are very low... During lunch time the place is usually packed so you'll better avoid it...
Yung Kee is an extremely popular, renowned and prized Cantonese restaurant, which serves the best Roast Goose in Hong Kong, if not in the whole world... Other than the famous goose, they serve a wide variety of splendid Cantonese cuisine
This splendid restaurant specializes in contemporary Cantonese cuisine with an emphasize on fresh seafood. The place is beautifully designed in an elegant-modern style, combining western elements with Chinese motifs and arts. Big windows offer adorable harbor views and atmosphere is refined and elegant.
This chain of restaurants is extremely popular among local Hong Kongers and many of them would even go to the extend of ranking it as the best Cantonese cuisine in the territory.
Lei Garden is one of the best Chinese restaurant chains in Hong Kong and serves some of the best Dim-Sum in the city, alongside a wide choice of creative dishes that combine flavors from China's various regions. The philosophy here is to produce innovative, top quality Chinese cuisine that combines flavors from all the regions of China.
This sumptuous restaurant specializes in traditional Cantonese cuisine with a contemporary touch, and is one of the only Michelin three-star Chinese restaurants on earth.
This simple place serves very good Cantonese seafood dishes. If you love lobsters than you should seriously consider it.
For delicious Cantonese noodle, hardly anyone can compete with good-old Wong Chi Kee. The founder of this eatery, Wong Wun Chi, learned the secrets of noodles-making from a master in Canton, back in the 1940s and opened his humble restaurant in Macau almost 50 years ago...
This tiny private-kitchen restaurant serves some of the best traditional Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong.
Although this old eatery looks a bit shabby and rundown, it is still considered as one of the best places for Chiu Chow food in Hong Kong and is frequented by local celebs, politicians, businessmen and curious visitors...
Maxim's Palace City Hall is an extremely popular restaurant that serves some of the best dim-sum and dumplings in Hong Kong, in a real "old Hong Kong" setting, with white tablecloths, chandeliers, and authentic dim-sum trolleys…
Praised as the world's cheapest one-Michelin-star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan is certainly one of the best places in Hong Kong to enjoy sensationally tasty dim sum at unbelievably affordable prices.
Occupying the top three floors of the old Bank of China Building in Central, China Club is a 1930s Shanghai themed resto-club, that serves superb Chinese food in an ultra-pleasant ambience.