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25 tips to make your holiday in Hong Kong more enjoyable!


The seaside town of Stanley is well worth a visit 

Tip #21: Spend a whole day and an evening in Stanley.


The picturesque beach town of Stanley is best known for its market, although it has a lot more to offer, including a beautiful seaside promenade, two lovely beaches and some excellent café's and restaurants.




 Yung Kee restaurant in Hong Kong serves what is believed to be the best roasted goose

photo credit: Kent Wang     License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Tip #22: Enjoy the best roasted goose in Hong Kong.


Yung Kee Restaurant, one of Hong Kong's best-known culinary institutions, serves what is possibly the best roasted goose in Hong Kong, if not in the whole world, as well as some other classic Cantonese specialties.




 Man mo Temple on Holywood Road, in Sheung Wan

photo credit: Constantine Agustin     License: cc

Tip #23: Stroll through Hollywood Road and the old streets of Sheung Wan


This is where you can find real treasures, from expensive Chinese antiques to cheap, yet beautiful souvenirs, and from dried seafood and bird's nests to engraved stone stamps.




The longest escalator in the world is in Hong Kong. Take a ride on it

photo credit: sanfamedia.com     License: CC BY-ND 2.0

Tip #24: Feel the rythm of Metropolitan Hong Kong


Take a walk on the Central Elevated Walkway and a ride on the world's longest escalator.




 What is worth buying in Hong Kong

photo credit: Joop     License: CC BY 2.0

Tip #25: Buy only what is worth buying!


Click here to read our mini-guide about what is worth buying in Hong Kong.




 Aberdeen floating restaurants in Hong Kong

photo credit: neelaka     License: CC BY 2.0

Tip #26: Visit the floating restaurants in Aberdeen.


Aberdeen's floating restaurants offer their customers a truly unique dining experience and although they are one of Hong Kong's most worn tourist cliché s, they are well worth visiting...


• For a truly enjoyable evening, join the Aberdeen Harbour and Night Cruise!




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