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25 tips to make your holiday in Hong Kong more enjoyable!


 Victoria Peak, or simply "the Peak", is one of Hong Kong's most popular tourist attractions and should be visited twice: During the day and during the evening

Tip #1: How to visit Victoria Peak?


Visit Victoria Peak twice, once during the day and once in the evening, as the experience is totally different. Try to travel one way with the Peak tram and one way with the bus/minibus, as the road is very scenic, and most importantly: Don't go there when visibility conditions are poor! Save your time and money and wait for a day when the sky is clear.



Hong Kong has some of the most amazing rooftop bars in the world

photo credit: surtr     License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Tip # 2: Enjoy a romantic drink at one of the city's rooftop bars.


Hong Kong's skyscrapers are home to some of the world's most amazing rooftop bars, from where you can marvel Victoria Harbour and the city lights. Read more about them here.




 Hong Kong is probably the best place on earth to enjoy some fresh and authentic dim-sum and wonton noodles

Tip # 3: Enjoy some of the world's best dim-sum and Wonton noodles!


Here is a mini-guide to Hong Kong's best dim-sum eateries (click link) and here is some essential info on the city's best wonton noodles joints (link).



 A trip on Hong Kong's famous "Ding Ding Tram" is not to be missed

Tip #4: Take a trip on Hong Kong's iconic Ding Ding Tram.


Trams have been rattling along the north shore of Hong Kong Island since 1904, and since the city's tramway system runs exclusively on double-deckers, travelling on a tram is much more than just a cheap and convenient way of getting around town. The upper decks of these trams actually offer magnificent views as they weave through busy city districts (click link for information).




 A Hop-on Hop-off double decker sightseeing bus provides one of the best ways to explore Hong Kong

Photo credit: New World First Bus Services Limited

License: CC BY 3.0

Tip #5: Explore Hong Kong from the open top of a double-decker Hop-on Hop-off bus!


Hong Kong has one of the world's best Hop-on Hop-off bus tours, with 3 routes that cover most of the city's popular attractions and sightseeing-spots. Read all about it here.




Compare hotel prices well in advance to get the best rates for your hotel accommodation in Hong Kong 

Tip #6: Compare hotel prices to find the best deal!


Hong Kong is not a particularly cheap city, and hotel accommodation can be quite expensive. But if you compare hotel prices in advance, using an online hotel-comparison-tool, you can find amazing deals that will save you some serious bucks... (Link).



Did you know? Finding reasonably priced accommodation in Hong Kong is not as difficult as you might think! Click HERE to compare the world's leading hotel-websites and find the best rates for your accommodation in Singapore!


 A cruise on Victoria Harbour is one of the nicest experiences Hong Kong can offer

Tip #7: See the city from Victoria Harbour


Make sure you go on one of the cruises that sail across the Victoria Harbour. There are also some very nice dinner cruise options, worth considering. Click here for a mini-guide.




 The Avenue of Stars is one of Hong Kong's must-visit attractions, and a great place to watch the Symphony of Lights from

Tip #8: Visit the Avenue of Stars and watch the Symphony of Lights.


The Avenue of Stars is Hong Kong's answer to Hollywood's Walk of Fame, and boasts floor plaques of celebrities of the city's thriving film industry, including legends like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.


Did you know? One of the best ways to view the Symphony of Lights show is from the water… Take the Symphony of Lights Harbor Cruise if you really want to enjoy the show (click here for the details).




Stroll the old and characterful streets of Mong Kok and Yau-ma-tei, in Hong Kong

photo credit: Benson Kua     License: cc

Tip #9: Stroll through the market streets of Mong Kok and Yau ma Tei


Mongkok and Yau-ma-Tei, on the Kowloon side of the Victoria Harbour, is where you will find some of Hong Kong's most authentic streets and open markets. Read more about it here.




 English-style high tea buffet in Hong Kong's swanky Peninsula Hotel, or at the Mandarin Oriental

Photo credit: ironypoisoning     License CC BY-SA

Tip #10: Enjoy a sumptuous English Style High Tea


To revive the splendor and charm of bygone colonial days in the Far East, opt for the English Style High Tea at the swanky Peninsula, or to Mandarin Oriental's Clipper Lounge.




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