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Gorkha grill (closed down)

This restaurant has closed down


This small and humble curry-house literally "hides" behind Smith Street's stalls, so you should really look for it... but it's worth the effort.  Although there is nothing much in the way of fancy design or romantic ambience here, the food is very good and the prices are more than reasonable.


Nepalese cuisine somewhat resembles the cuisine of north India: it's diverse and flavorful, using plenty of fresh spices and herbs, and boasts a good variety of curries and Tandoor dishes...       


The menu of Gorkha Grill is not insanely diversified, but it has a sufficient choice of lovely stuff to choose from.  Recommended dishes include Kukhura ko masu (Nepalese spicy chicken curry), Momocha (Nepalese dumplings with minced Lamb or Chicken or Vegetable filling),  Palungo Ko Saag (spinach, cooked with cumin seeds, chopped tomatoes, onion, garlic and Himalayan spices)  and  Jheenge Papita (a 'papaya boat', filled with marinated prawns in thick wine & herbs sauce), just to name a few...


Prices are quite reasonable: SG$ 20-30 should be more than enough

Open daily for lunch and dinner

21 Smith Street, Chinatown                                       Phone: 6227 0806