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Golden Flower

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Golden Flower, the newest and most pleasantly surprising culinary addition to Wynn Macau, serves the finest of Chinese gourmet in an affluent and refined atmosphere.


Named after Tan Zongjun, a Cantonese official of the Qing Dynasty and a food connoisseur who invented the haute Chinese fusion cuisine when he was stationed in Peking, the delicate Tan cuisine is what Golden Flower specializes at, although the menu features more than a few specialties from the cuisines of Sichuan and Shandong (Lu).


Opulent classic-contemporary Chinese décor, with delicate antiquities, thick carpets and embroidered chairs, creates a hushed, elegant and somewhat romantic ambience that is in par with the sensational dining experience…  The tea-lounge is simply stunning and that is also where you can meet Macau’s first tea sommelier, who will be happy to pair you the finest tea…

Headed by Master chef Liu Guo Zhu, Golden Flower offers a few 6-course and 8-course set menu options, as well as an a-la-carte menu.


There is a wide range of cold appetizers to begin with, and while Mustard flavored duck web  and  Beijing roasted pork seem to be a good choice, you can also create your own sampler plate with three different choices, in case you want to try more than just one dish.


Recommended main dishes include "superior delicacies" like the Braised Shark's Fin in supreme chicken broth, or Stewed fish maw with crab claw in supreme chicken soup, or the more sanely priced dishes like Osmanthus honey-flavored pork ribs,  Deep fried five spiced duck and  Stir fried scallops with marinated ginger.


Prices are high, especially if you order the abalone and shark's fin, but you can also enjoy a memorable a-al-carte dinner at less than MOP 500 per person, if you order their delectable pork, duck and chicken specialties…


Open daily for dinner, except Monday. Lunch is served on saturday and Sunday only.


Wynn Macau    Phone: 8986 3663