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Farm House

Well established Farm House has been serving innovative Cantonese favorites in an elegant and relaxing surroundings for the last more than 20 years, and is still doing very well and manages to keep its fairly large number of "loyals".


Located in Causeway Bay's AIA Plaza, the restaurant features a classy-contemporary interior, with light hues and crisp white tablecloths... Ambience is fairly pleasant and the food is simply superb...


Recommended dishes include their famous Deep-fried stuffed chicken wings (with sticky rice, seafood and mushrooms), Specially prepared SpareribsSteamed egg white with seafood,  delicious dim sum and some outstandingly good soups, alongside the traditional classics, like Braised Shark's Fin and Braised whole abalone.


Prices are not low but the dining experience is fantastic: Be prepared to pay HK$ 300-400 per person (so long as you don't order pricey dishes like Abalone, Shark's fin and their likes...)


Open daily for lunch and dinner


AIA Plaza, 18 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay               Phone: 2881 1331