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Enotria (closed down)

This restaurant has closed down


When looking for a good Italian restaurant (out of Italy that is...), one of the best indicators is whether it is actually frequented by Italians...  This lovely restaurant is popular among Singapore's Italian expat community, which means there must be something good and authentic about it...


Located in one of the beautifully restored shophouses along Nankin Row, it is pleasantly decked out in a modern-elegant style with a nice 'alfresco' area facing the courtyard... ambience is very nice and relaxed with a decent, predominantly white-collar crowd during lunch and in the late afternoon hours...


The kitchen produces straightforward, down to earth and delicious Italian fare... Home cooking at its best... from some seriously good Pizzas and Pasta dishes  to  Tender lamb shank and Pappardelle with crab meat in tomato sauce... everything is constantly good.  Add to this a wide range of Italian wines and alcoholic drinks, together with some outstanding desserts... Who can ask for anything else?


Prices are quite reasonable for this type of restaurant: around SG$ 35 - 50 for a full a-la-carte dinner.

Open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday

3 Pickering Street                                                       Phone: 6438 8040