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Duke's Burger (CLOSED)

Located right next to the world's longest escalator, in chic SoHo, this relatively small restaurant takes the traditional hamburger to new heights, using all sorts of creative innovations like Foie gras and top quality imported beef, to create a series of "gourmet burgers..."


Décor wise, the place looks more like an elegant European restaurant than like a burger joint, with a classic chandelier, dark wood panels and plush sofas... But I guess that's a part of the somewhat "haute ambience" they want to create...


Prices are somewhat on the high side, but the food is hands-down superb and the dining experience is lovely (so long as you overcome the psychological barrier and understand that this is NOT a hamburger restaurant...)


Open daily for lunch and dinner


5 Staunton Street, SoHo                                            Phone: 2526 7062