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Classy Domvs has been serving delicious Sicilian cuisine in a refined environment since the 1980s and is still as good as it has always been.


Located at the Sheraton Towers, it boasts luxurious and opulent interior décor that combines both classic and modern styles, with plenty of marble and perfect table-settings... ambience is elegant and tranquil and service is faultless but also friendly... works well for a quiet business lunch or a romantic dinner, but forget about messy friends-and-family gatherings...


Authenticity seems to be very important to the Sicilian born chef who brings almost all the ingredients from home, refusing to compromise on quality... and the results are simply superb...


In essence, Sicilian cuisine is pretty much close to what is commonly known as Italian cooking.  However, as the island of Sicily was occupied for hundreds of years and its ports were visited by traders from all over the Mediterranean, The cuisine of Sicily shows traces of all the cultures which established themselves on the island over the last two millennia... mainly those of the Arab countries around the southern and eastern shores of the sea, which means it is usually more diversified and flavorful than other Italian cuisines...


To complement the lovely dinning experience, there is a decent selection of Italian wines and Grappa.


Prices are not outrageously high: full a-la-carte dinner is around SG$ 60-90, while set-lunch options range around SG$ 40


Open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday (dinner only on Saturday)


Sheraton Towers, 39 Scotts Road                          Phone: 6839 5622