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Dim-sum high tea buffet at Yum cha Restaurant


This splendid restaurant has a self descriptive name that gives a clear hint as to what you should expect ... Great variety of scrumptious dim-sum and dumplings, alongside a wide choice of delicious Cantonese cuisine, with a modern twist...


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Yum cha ("drinking tea" in Cantonese) is an integral part of Hong Kong's culinary culture, and is almost as popular in Singapore (after all, most of the city's Chinese majority is originally from the same area...).  It is a Cantonese term that refers to the custom of eating small servings of different foods, mainly dim sum and dumplings, while sipping Chinese tea.


Accommodated within a beautifully restored shophouse, on Chinatown's historic Trengannu Street, the restaurant is nicely decked out in a traditional Chinese style... not too flamboyant or extravagant, just a comfortable place with a pleasant ambience.


The food here is simply superb, both in terms of variety, diversity and, of course, taste.  Their Dim-sum high tea buffet is one of the best dim-sum feasts in Singapore, with dozens of different Dumplings, Steamed buns, Rice dishes, meat and fish balls, Congees and other nibbles...  They also have an a-la-carte dim-sum menu, with plenty of delicious stuff to choose from.


The restaurant's a-la-carte menu presents a decent selection of Hong Kong influenced Cantonese specialties and is (naturally) dominated by seafood... from the exclusive Abalone and Shark's fin,  to fresh Lobsters, Chili crab, Steamed Hong Kong style fish and what not... those of you who are not fond of seafood will not be disappointed either... Champagne pork ribs, Pork ribs in Cherry wine sauce, Peking duck and Fried crispy chicken with prawn crackers are just a few names worth mentioning.


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Prices are fairly reasonable for this standard: the Dim-sum high tea buffet is an excellent value at less than SG$ 20, while a full a-la-carte dinner is likely to be around SG$ 25 - 50


Open daily: 11 am - 11 pm Monday - Friday  and  9 am - 11 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays.


Dim-sum high tea buffet is available Monday- Friday, 3 pm - 6 pm


20 Trengganu Street (off Temple), Chinatown           Phone: 6372 1717


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