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Cookery Magic

Located in a charming Katong bungalow, with a beautiful lush garden around it, Cookery Magic is a unique culinary institution that offers both excellent cooking classes (with introduction to Singapore's diversified cuisines) as well as private dinning.


Ruqxana, the friendly lady behind the place, is a well known figure in Singapore's gastronomic scene and participates in various TV cooking shows... At her home, you can learn how to make outstandingly delicious Asian fare... Indian, Malay, Peranakan... you name it... it's all depends on how much time and money you have.


The private dinning is an experience in its own right... with new menus almost every day. (You must call in advance and arrange though).


Located on Jalan Tembusu, (off Haig Road), a pleasant walking distance from Katong Village (the old police station),  Phone: 6348 9667