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Chang Korean BBQ restaurant

Located within the newly popular enclave of Dempsey Hill, surrounded by lush greenery, this restaurant serves some fabulous Korean barbecue dishes in a lovely environment.


The lush garden around and the sumptuous Korean décor inside create a perfect set-up for a lovely feast... wide selection of top quality cuts, with delicious Korean marinades... you can either grill the meat yourself (there are built-in grills in the tables) or let the cooks handle it for you... other than BBQ dishes, there are lots of different Korean specialties worth knowing about: Kimchi jeon (a shallow-fried kimchi pancake), Ginseng SaladMukeunji Jjim (a stew of preserved kimchi and pork),  Haemul Soondubu (seafood and beancurd soup) and Hobak Bulgogi (broiled beef in pumpkin), just to name a few...


Prices are not particularly low but the dining experience and the quality of the food are simply superb: around SG$ 50 - 70 for dinner (lunch set-menu-options are lower than that).

Open daily for lunch and dinner

Block 18c, Dempsey Road                                          Phone: 6473 9005