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Café Oriental

This relatively small and cozy café-restaurant serves some fabulous old style Kopitiam fare, with a bit of a 'classy' touch...


Simple and elegant décor, with light wood parquet, dark wood paneling and large windows that render some nice views to the street (and to the open kitchen). Pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and fantastic food you can't really go wrong with...


Prawn mee: a popular Malay dish of prawns in a rich and scrumptious stock of prawns and pork, with noodles and flavorful ingredients.  Hainanese Chicken rice: one of Singapore's most prominent national dishes, consisting of sliced chicken, prepared in traditional Hainanese methods, and served with aromatic rice that is traditionally prepared with pandan leaves.  Char kway teow : a popular Southeast Asian dish, consisting of flat rice noodles which are fried over very high heat with light and dark soy sauce, chilli, prawns, cockles, egg, bean sprouts and Chinese chives (Sometimes slices of Chinese sausage and fish cake are also added).  Nasi goreng: the Indonesian and Malaysian version of fried rice.  The main difference compared to fried rice is that it is cooked with sweet soy sauce. It is often accompanied by additional items such as a fried egg, fried chicken, satay, or krupuk (fried crackers / chips made of shrimp or vegetables).

Fish Bee-hoon soup: with Chinese style Rice vermicelli (Bee Hoon) and the likes...

Prices are quite reasonable : around SG$ 25 - 35

Open daily, 8 am - 9 pm

Amara Singapore hotel, 165 Tanjong Pagar Rd.                       

Phone: 6879 2555