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Bombay woodlands restaurant

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Owned by the same group that owns the famous Indian Grill, this lovely restaurant specializes in South Indian vegetarian cuisine and serves mostly light fare and small dishes from the cuisines of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


Located within trendy Tanglin Shopping Centre, the place is quite nicely decked out in a modern-Indian style that is not too kitschy or flamboyant.  Ambience is quite pleasant and the food is really nice, so even those of you who are addicted to meat are likely to enjoy...


As expected, the food here is relatively spicy and piquant, but there is really enough diversity to suit everybody's pallet... Recommended dishes include Alu Tikki (golden fried potato patties with various chutneys), Paneer cheese fritters,  Samosa chat (with potatoes, chickpeas and condiments), Dosa (a very popular south-Indian dish that comprises of a rolled crispy crêpe, stuffed with various fillings and served with different sauces and dips on the side...), different Biryanis and even some very nice Indian desserts, like the must-have Gulab Jamoon (India's ultimate dessert: deep fried, ball shaped soft fritters in thick, ultra sweet syrup), different Kulfi (Indian ice-cream) and Badam Halwa (type of thick almond pudding).


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Prices are quite moderate (especially when considering the location): Around  SG$ 20 - 25 should be enough for a nice meal.


Open daily for lunch and dinner


B1 - 12 Tanglin Shopping centre, 19 Tanglin Road         

Phone: 6836 6961 / 6235 2712