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Azhang (closed down)

This restaurant has closed down


Despite of its Far East sounding name, this lovely restaurant serves mostly Mediterranean and western fare, alongside some Southeast Asian specialties.


The place is owned and managed by a husband and wife who are totally passionate about their job... He does the cooking, while she is in charge of hosting (and the gorgeous desserts), and the results are simply fantastic.


Located in a restored building on Mohamed Sultan Road, the place is elegantly decked out, although there is nothing too pretentious or fussy about the décor... quite comfortable and relaxing.  Ambience is quite homey and service is friendly, although quite slow... "People come here because they appreciate the food - not because they are in a hurry..." is the motto of the owners, and they are serious about it (Do not try to make too much noise about waiting too long for the food, or you might be shown the door...). Otherwise, as long as you don't complaint about time, they are friendly and attentive.


On the menu, you will find a decent variety of scrumptious surprises... from their famous Roasted corn salad to fabulous steaks, grilled meat dishes and Mediterranean Kebabs  and from Thai-style salmon fishcakes and Deep fried mackerel with sambal  to  Moroccan-style paella and Nasi-lemak...


Luscious Apple pie, Pecan pie or Coconut custard are just some of the desserts...

Prices are not bad for such a treat: around SG$ 30 - 50

Open daily for lunch and dinner (normally closed on Monday - call to find out).  Bookings are really a must...

6 Mohamed sultan Road                                            Phone: 6836 3436