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7,107 flavours

This relatively new restaurant got its somewhat peculiar name thanks to the fact that the Philippines actually comprises 7,107 islands... and thanks to the owner's vision "to serve comprehensive Filipino cuisine that reflects the culinary traditions of all those islands... "


Philippine cuisine has evolved over several centuries from its Malay roots to a more international cuisine, with strong Spanish influence (as a result of long Spanish presence on the islands). It has also received influence from Arab, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and American cuisines.


Contrarily to the unpretentious traditional eateries that used to cater to Singapore's Filipino community in the past, this Marina Square resto-bar is fairly elegant and stylish... with contemporary furniture and a long bar.


The menu is, indeed, quite vast and for those of you who want to familiarize themselves with this diversified cuisine, this restaurant is the right place...


Prices are quite reasonable: Dinner is around SG$ 30 - 40, while lunch buffet is lower than that.


Open daily, 10 am till late at night (restaurant serves food until "tenish"...)

2nd level, Marina Square                                           Phone: 6334 7107